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If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook you would know that last Saturday was Tirgan. Tirgan is the largest non-profit Persian festival in North America. It aims to celebrate Iranian culture while showcasing it in a way where Canadians of all backgrounds can enjoy and participate in.


Let me tell you, I was working with this booth and I fundraised over $300 from just standing there, spinning wheels for the booth and speaking to people about my cause. It was so incredible to not only share my platform with the other Persians who are more familiar with it but also people of other backgrounds who hadn’t even heard about it. All together it was a successful day of furnishing and campaigning. We were even interviewed as a booth and you best believe I was proudly representing my title by wearing my sash on camera. I didn’t know fundraising could be so interactive and genuinely fun to do. Proudly raised more than one thousand dollars for WE Free The Children. Grateful for this opportunity.

The line to our booth was insane, thank you!

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What I love about Toronto is how diverse it is. With a variety of different cultures, backgrounds and interests, you get places like St. James town, Niagara (downtown), Kensington market and so much more. I love food, dessert, not even in a relatable way. I find it enjoyable. Let me introduce to you two of my fave ice-cream places. These two local businesses have quickly become two of Toronto’s hotspots. Worth a visit.

(don’t mind my snapchat filter) Eva’s Original Chimney’s



Eva’s Original Chimney’s

First we have Eva’s Original Chimney’s. I was coming back from my harp lesson and I was generally craving ice cream and so we ended up here. I’m not one to follow trend too much or to go to every hyped restaurant in Toronto but it really is the perfect combination of donut and ice-cream. I do warn that they are a lot bigger than in the picture.



Trinity park. Don’t mind me almost staining my sash with black ice-cream.


iHalo Krunch

The second has to be my favourite ice-cream place hands down, iHalo Krunch. Famous for its black on black ice cream. Its the first place to serve charcoal ice-cream, giving it that black colour. However, surprisingly enough it tastes incredible, Coconut flavoured to be exact. The only warning I would give this is that it stains hands and teeth so be warned. This day was just ice-cream back to back, so many different companies were giving out free ice cream, @Niusha fun day.


The Don Valley Brick Works Park

Now sit down for this short story. My friend and I were curious for a bit of adventure this one day, starting at St.Clair we walked a few stations down to Yorkville. Now I love Yorkville, its a very classy part of the city. But that clearly was not enough so we grabbed some McDonald’s and headed on over to the Don Valley Brick Works. From 1889 to 1989, it was a brick factory in Toronto. Once it closed down it became a popular tourist destination, however somehow not many people know about it. Its covered in thick brush all around and has abandoned rail roads nearby. About 20,000 steps  (using the health app) and one cup of gelato, we walked back down to Kensington market. Gorgeous scenery, with ponds and wildlife. Definitely a great place to relax and take pictures.



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So today is an extremely special day, because today my absolute best friend and I, registered  our first and very own Non-Profit Organization. This has been in the works for a very long time. One of the reasons we get along so well is that were both so passionate about social justice and human rights, so months ago we spoke about creating our own charity and today was just the perfect day for it!

Im not even going to build suspense, our organization is called, The Female Pages. It is an educational non-profit organization to promote and advocate for female empowerment and mental health while fighting against abuse like FGM, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, child marriage, racism, and generally just a positive space. Im so happy to be able to do this, I think its useful to have a general female wellness directory. You can find information on reproductive health, women’s shelter, information on mental health and so much more. So much information right at your fingertips. We are working on expanding and updating content as much as possible, as we are still in the start up phase. We are currently being registered as an official Ontario Non-profit Organization. Again thanks to my beautiful friend, Naomi, for partnering with me on this.


~ Tanya p

The best friend and I

The female pages on instagram: @thefemalepages

You can follow my personal page on Insta: @rayestanya

Like my Facebook page for more updates, they will be more regular as the pageant is in 3 weeks!

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Welcome to the side of the internet in which I call my blog! I could potentially write about what it means to be Miss Teenage North York, or I could tell you how and why I’m here.

At the moment, I have three english assignment due on Monday for summer school, trying to get those volunteer hours, close to completing a piece of writing for publication, violin lessons on Thursday and about 30 other things I need to do.  At times, having so many tasks to complete can seem overwhelming, and it is. However, I strongly believe that to get to where I want to be, I have to take on as many of my goals as I can. One of those goals being competing in Miss Teenage Canada. Interestingly enough, I never saw myself as a pageant girl. Prior to applying for preliminaries, I, like many others had the stereotypical image of beauty pageants in my head. I’ve only come to see how many opportunities it can bring, and how it genuinely pushes people to do good in the world. I intend on making the world better for someone somewhere and this pageant will help me do that. Shocking to some of you right? How can a beauty contest benefit other people? Let alone the world. I’ll tell you, better yet i’ll show you.

A look into the future: Why am I here?


Growing up with parents who are both artists, I loved art and design. For the longest time, my goal was to go to Parsons in New York and start my own fashion brand. I even competed in school fashion shows and won audience’s favourite. Due to so many circumstances, my fashion brand will have to wait a few years and Parsons is no longer my dream school. As someone from the middle east, I have unfortunately seen on a first hand basis the inequality and injustices women and children face in developing countries. Not to say that it doesn’t happen to men or people in first world countries. However, seeing the current political state of the world, it changed the direction of my career to law, politics and human rights. If I can use this platform to gather an influence of people, who like myself share this common goal, I think it would be an opportunity wasted not to take it. In general the modelling and pageantry I do now (I assure you!) is to help me in my future political career. To achieve that I have my hopes set on Harvard haha. Alongside school, I want to continue writing major pieces of work, continuing art, eventually a fashion brand, human rights activism and also land development in developing countries. I still have more to think about and add to my list of goals.

A look into the past: How am I here?

Anyone reading this can say, its easy to type something, another to mean something, and a completely other feat to experience and relate to something. I never want it to seem that I am interested in the injustice of others solely to put on my pageant blog. It really is important to me and I’ll summarize why. Growing up I was never the “bubbly” and most enthusiastic person, which is fine right but it pushed me to art. The artistic community is rather a… well … unique one. We all feel as if were being cheated when it comes to school and self expression. That may not be necessarily true, but it is a fact that the schooling system is broken and will never cater to groups of different talents. That being said, this whole idea of school letting me down and never being able to stand by and let things go unnoticed, gave me major chronic depression and anxiety. Among other things of course. Despite depression, it never really altered my self confidence and pageantry genuinely pushes people to do great work in their communities. I really do want to make school better for everyone in the future, and have charities for people with mental illnesses as it is something I have struggled with before in the past. This is something I do want to be a part of, it is something that makes me happy.

More about me…

Honestly, Im just trying to live it up as much as possible. I know thats over used and a cliche but it is important to me to be able to have stories to tell later on. Im still doing school (obviously I’m in grade 11), but among that I spray paint and do graffiti in my free time. In legal places of course. I plan spontaneous trips to Scotland, I go out with my friends every week. I have a dog and a cat that I adore to pieces, and thats about it. I identify myself more with what I plan to do in the future rather than these current, nonchalant activities. I had so much to write about, shoutout to Naomi for always being there to bounce ideas off of!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Thanks, till next post…

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